By submitting this Booking Form I acknowledge the Fees and Cancellation Fees charged by Interpreters On Site for interpreting assignment/s, and accept to pay them as per invoice/s within 30 days upon completion of an assignment.

Furthermore, should I cancel the booking within 24 hours preceding day or same day I acknowledge that the Cancellation Fee equals the Full Fee.

I also accept that assignments cancelled at any time on Friday for an oncoming Monday assignment will incur Full Fee.

In case of cancellation of multiple-days court assignments, I accept to be charged for half of the time initially booked.

When matters are settled early or the services of the interpreter are no longer needed, the Fee incurred will equal the days that the interpreter attended, plus half of days remaining, as per booking.

I accept that the minimum booking time for investigations and visits to detention centers/gaols, is 1.5 hours.

I accept that a non-attendance by an Interpreter may occur due to unpredictable circumstances, and I accept that Interpreters On Site will not be liable for any payment, charge or a cancellation fee issued by me or a third party in relation to that.

Cancellation of assignments can only be accepted if submitted in writing directly to Interpreters On Site office by the Client, and acknowledgment of receipt of cancellation confirmed by Interpreters On Site.