–  By submitting this Interpreter Request Form I acknowledge the Fees and Cancellation Fees charged by Interpreters OnSite for interpreting assignment/s, and accept to pay them as per invoice/s within 21 days upon completion of an assignment.

–  Furthermore, should I cancel the booking within 48 hours (from the commencement of the booking) or same day, I acknowledge that the Cancellation Fee equals the Full Fee.

–  I also accept that assignments cancelled at any time on Friday for an oncoming Monday assignment will incur Full Fee.

–  I accept that the minimum booking time for investigations and visits to detention centers/gaols, is 1.5 hours.

–  I accept that a non-attendance by an Interpreter may occur due to unpredictable circumstances, and I accept that Interpreters OnSite will not be liable for any payment, charge or a cancellation fee issued by me or a third party in relation to that.

–  Cancellation of assignments can only be accepted if submitted in writing directly to Interpreters OnSite office by the Client, and acknowledgment of receipt of cancellation confirmed by Interpreters OnSite.