Medical Translation

Best-in-Class Medical Translation Services

With the healthcare industry consistently advancing, new kinds of drugs and innovative medical equipment are being developed every now and then across the globe. While people suffer from similar diseases and struggle with same health issues no matter where they are from, all scientific researches and findings may not be initially reported and delivered in one specific language. And that’s where medical translation comes to rescue.

Medical translation includes translation of information pertaining to pharmaceutical products, medications and medical devices. The process makes sure everyone from medical practitioners, doctors and researchers to patients and general audiences have access to the information they need regarding diseases, cures and treatments.

Interpreters OnSite has a team of highly experienced and accredited translators that can translate your medical documents to precision regardless of their size and nature. We don’t just serve to healthcare organisations and medical instructions but to individuals in need.

Our expert linguistic team can help you with a variety of medical translations that include but are not limited to:

  • Medication labelling and packaging
  • Medical journals
  • Medical patents and research papers
  • Clinical protocols
  • Healthcare Device Instruction Manuals
  • Operational Manuals
  • Business Case studies
  • Patient reports and records
  • Consent forms
  • Medical trial materials
  • Patient-Education Materials


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